It integrates R&D, design, manufacture and construction. It has complete product structure, complete specification series, large power coverage and diverse use environment. It has been widely used in petroleum, chemical, railway, electric power, gas, refrigeration, food, construction nuclear power, military industry.
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    Heating Cable

    Product, Development, Manufacturing

Focus & Philosophy
Establish a corporate culture with mellow ideas and values.
The ideal is the soul, the service is the life, the innovation is the blood, the harmony is the power, the credit is the bridge, and the talent is the pillar.
    Jiangsu Aoqi Electric Technology Co., Ltd - Established a good brand image in the international market and becoming a new benchmark for China's own brands!
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Jiangsu Aoqii Electric Technology Co., Ltd., for many years, we have been striving to create trustworthy products for our customers and end users. Your satisfaction is our unswerving goal. Because we know that responsibility is more important than Taishan, life is above everything else, so we provide not only high-quality products and services, but also a commitment to user production and safety. The company is a comprehensive enterprise that sells MI mineral insulated heating cable and railway road melting snow heating bar. It integrates R&D, design, manufacture and construction. 


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